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Our Start

Stories like Sarah's wove through the heartstrings of the townsfolk. Rozzi, never seeking attention, became the unsung hero of many, his random acts of kindness knitting the community tighter with each passing day. 

So, when then the rundown building on route 6 was reborn into a bustling hub of warmth and the smells of home cooking, there was only one name that could capture its spirit: "Rozzi’s." Every plate served carries the essence of Rozzi's legacy, each meal shared is a celebration of the ties he strengthened without ever saying a word. Rozzi’s isn't just a restaurant, it's a testament to the man who reminded us that a little kindness can be the recipe that holds a community together. 

About Rozzi's

Megahann Theriault

Owner & Founder

In the heart of a small town where everyone knew each other's joys and sorrows, there lived a man named Dick Rogozinski. He was fondly known as "Rozzi," a beacon of kindness whose heart was as large as the town was small. Rozzi had an uncanny way of appearing just when he was needed most, a silent guardian whose acts of generosity spoke volumes.

One winter, a single mother, Sarah, found herself with worn tires, the threads almost as bare as her hope. With her little ones buckled in the backseat each day, she prayed for their safety on the icy roads. Rozzi, hearing of her plight, quietly arranged for a new set of tires to be fitted to her car. Sarah found an envelope tucked under her windshield wiper, "For your precious cargo," it read, with Rozzi's unmistakable scrawl.

The Rozzi's Culture

Experience Rozzi's

Our servers are fun, friendly and work together as a team so that your service is always exceptional. You will always be greeted with a smile. We learn your name and all your favorites. Our amazing chefs put so much effort in making sure your meal is delicious to the last bite. We call or text you when your favorite soup or meal is on special. Everything we make is homemade including our gravies and soups. We make two homemade soups daily and all of the favorite homestyle meals you had during your childhood.

Staff member presenting a meal in Rozzis Restaurant

Our mission is to create meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences in our restaurant by providing exceptional breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings, as well as extraordinary catering services. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service that fosters a sense of joy, warmth, and hospitality for every guest. Through our commitment to quality, creativity, and hospitality, we aim to create a dining experience that brings people together and leaves a lasting impression.

Rozzi's Pledge

Celebrating something special? Call us to put it up on our humongous chalkboard that greets you right when you walk in the door! Birthday? Anniversary? Wedding? Did you get your driver’s license? These are all special and unique to you and we want to celebrate with you!

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Servant Leaders

At Rozzi’s, we wholeheartedly embrace servant leadership, putting the community's well-being at the forefront. Our commitment to making a positive impact is woven into every meal we serve, as we firmly believe that kindness is the key to fostering an uplifting and thriving community.

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